Welcome to Coach Robb Rogers.com

Welcome to CoachRobbRogers.com.

I began coaching in high school with elementary age mighty mite football players.  In college I was not athletic enough to play ball, so I coached summer swim team, high school football, YMCA soccer and began my strength and conditioning career in the fall of 1980 as a student coach at Missouri State University.  Since that time I have coached just about every population from emerging elementary athletes to All-Americans, seasoned All –Pros and Olympians in virtually every venue and sport in the performance industry.  From fitness and weight loss to performance with high school, college and professional teams, as well as private industry and into the tactical realm with fire/rescue, SWAT and military Special Forces personnel, my career has afforded me a unique, varied and rich professional experience.

The purpose of this venue is to serve you, the professional of the performance industry.  When starting a career, people tend to be on fire with passion and eager to show the world what they can do.  As people become seasoned with experience, they begin to understand it is about what the team can do.  After years in a field, the people that are still thriving begin to understand that it is time to help others achieve their goals. My goal is to provide my experience and expertise via the internet platform as a classroom for you, the performance professional.

Please join me for the journey as we continue to explore the nuances of performance training, a science that is applied as an art to a variety of students with a plethora of goals, experiences, needs and wants.

Robb Rogers M.Ed., MSCC, CSCS

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