Special Operations Doctrine Applied to Sports

I just finished reading an excerpt from a book about Special Operations Doctrine. It reads like a theory of sport. Here are the basic 6 steps to achieve success over a numerically stronger opponent (or in sport, a physically superior opponent).

1. Simplicity (of the plan – which improves the odds of success)

2. Security (of preparation and practice)

3. Repetition (focused, game speed reps encompassing/addressing all most likely scenarios)

4. Surprise (game planning specific for this opponent)

5. Speed (of execution – which is a relative speed – speed of play calling, processing and execution, transition)

6. Purpose (Goal – Marty Schottenheimer called it the game with in the game – the goal for Offense, Defense, Special teams and individuals limited to no more than 3 items, that if achieved, will result in success).

If you counsel or interact with sport coaches, give them this simple checklist for examining their strategy for the season. It may pay off big if applied to individual situations by astute coaches.

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  • Hey Coach Rogers-

    great post…I remember when you taught me about keeping things in three’s like be on time, work hard, communicate…..easy and simple but works perfectly and fits all situations. Timeless advice. Hope you’re doing well.

  • Hey Robb, this is a perfect approach to combatives/DT as well. a great complement to the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) from Col. Boyd.

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