Perform Better Summits

I have had the honor of contributing as a speaker on the Perform Better Tour every year since its inception save 2010. (In 2010 I was told by the President and the Executive Director that I had to chose between my job and Perform Better – even though I had vacation time approved to go and speak). Anyway – I feel the best, most usable, unbiased source of information for performance coaches in the land is the Perform Better Summit series.
The speakers are top notch, the service is great, the support of the Perform Better team is without equal and the entertainment combined with the educational content is unparalleled.
If you are involved in rehab or reconditioning, sport coaching, performance training or personal training, I can highly recommend, without reservation attending a P-B Summit. If money is an issue and you are a CSCS and NSCA member, drop your membership (unless you can find value in it) and use that money to help fund your trip to the Summit. You will not regret it.

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