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Neuromuscular Activation Techniques Volume I and II (this is a digital download product)

Making your body more efficient is a goal that
we all seek with training. See how this DVD can help
“turn-on” all of your vital core muscles, reduce the chance of
injury, and improve performance.This is a 2 DVD set that includes core activation series and
progressions for:

1. The floor series

2. Upright series

3. Shoulder series

4. Hip series

5. Lunge and Step-up series

This DVD is a must-have for any performance professional looking to improve performance and reduce the chance of injury.



nat-3-3D-dvd-coverNeuromuscular Activation Techniques Volume III

(this is a digital download product)

Volume Three is the companion DVD to Volumes one and two which can be purchased above. This DVD uses the techniques and exercises found in those DVD’s and compiles them into 8 different warm-up routines that are geared to improving the efficiency of your body and prime you for the activities that are going to be performing.


Corrective Exercise From the Core Out

(this is a digital download product)

This DVD will define and demonstrate the corrective exercises that address many of the overuse injuries and chronic pain problems brought on by poor movement patterns and muscle imbalances that affect a large portion of the population.  These exercises can be prescribed for individual training as well as group exercise.  The common problems of back pain, hamstring/groin strain, kneecap tracking, shoulder a/c joint impingement as well as postural restoration techniques for sedentary populations are just some of what is included.

Sport Speed= Stance+Start+Acceleration

(this is a digital download product)

Principles, progressions and teaching cues that will optimize any athletes’ ability to accelerate and change direction. THE drills used to prepare athletes for the NFL and NBA combine as well as bridge the gap from strength training to the field, court or ice. Simple drills, progressions and cues based on years of linear track acceleration coaching techniques and applied as lateral concepts for sport. Proven over 25 years to enhance any athletes’ ability to accelerate, this DVD will make you faster.



(this is a digital download product)

Jam – packed with well over half a hundred sit – up exercises that rock. Used by athletes and clients all over the country, these drills are fun, easy and best of all, work. Coaching points are included for the exercises. An excellent addition to your fitness library.



ACL – Return to play

(this is a digital download product)

Seven functional tests designed to determine readiness to return to practice/competition. With cones, a stopwatch, a tape measure and a little simple math you can determine your clients’ ability to hop, jump, sprint and change direction. These objective, repeatable tests are scored on a percentile basis for unilateral comparison.