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NFL Combine Test Scores and History

With the NFL Combine rapidly approaching, many test times and scores will be stated as gospel by various people such as announcers, trainers and coaches.  For years I was unsure of actual numbers other than scores from the NFL Combine results sheets I was able to obtain.  When looking at those I (like everyone else) focused on the fastest, highest, most or the scores posted by those that had the greatest media profile.  What I became interested in was what was the average number an athlete could score in the tests.  So, I took the results sheets from several years and ran the numbers looking for averages.  Below is what I found.  True enough, these numbers are not from the last 3-4 years, but represent what an athlete can expect to score or shoot for on the big day.

Also remember, many athletes that score the fastest, highest, most in terms of numbers just cannot play the game at the level the NFL expects.  See how many big time names you see in the best scores of all time.

Position              E10                   H20                    H40                   5-10-5           L DRILL           VJ               BPRS

NT                   1.85                    2.98                     5.32              4.86               8.22               27.5               21

DT                   1.81                     2.95                     5.12              4.64                7.83                29.5              29

DE                    1.71                     2.79                     4.82             4.35                7.33                33.5              24

ILB                  1.66                     2.73                    4.73              4.05                7.1                   34.5              25

OLB                1.65                     2.68                    4.63              4.15                 7.14                35.5              23

DB – CB          1.59                     2.61                     4.49              4.11                 7.03               36.5              13

DB – SAF        1.62                     2.67                     4.59              4.08               6.92               36.5              17

CENTER          1.82                     3.01                     5.28             4.6                   7.83               28.5             26

GUARD            1.88                    3.10                      5.42             4.75                 7.99               27.5              25

TACKLE          1.83                     3.02                     5.23            4.72                 7.94               29.5              26

TE                  1.73                     2.84                      4.88            4.34                 7.37               31.5              26

FB                  1.71                      2.80                      4.82            4.28                 7.43               32                 24

TB                  1.64                     2.67                       4.6               4.23                 7.3               34                  19

WR                1.62                     2.66                      4.58            4.18                  7.08               35                 18

QB                 1.71                     2.82                       4.88            4.36                  7.39               30.5            N/A

Also remember, many athletes that score the fastest, highest, most in terms of numbers just cannot play the game at the level the NFL expects. See how many of the athletes below went forward from an outstanding score at the NFL Combine to a solid, let alone great NFL career.


All Time Top Ten Scores 1999 – 2009

40 Yard Dash                                                                                                               10 Yard Burst

1999                  4.24                  Rondel Melendez                    1999                  1.47                  Jay Hinton

2000                  4.32                  Antwan Harris                         2000                  1.48                  Antwan Harris

2001                  4.31                  Santana Moss                         2001                  1.50                  Deuce McAllister

2002                  4.31                  Aaron Lockett                          2002                  1.50                  Brian Allen

2003                  4.32                  Kevin Garrett                           2003                  1.46                  Bob Sanders

2004                  4.33                  Carlos Francis                         2004                  1.50                  Rufus Brown

2005                  4.28                  Jerome Mathis                        2005                  1.50                  Fabian Washington

2006                  4.31                  Johnathan Joseph                  2006                  1.48                  Tim Jennings

2007                  4.30                  Yamon Figurs                        2007                  1.43                  Allison, McCauley, Weddle

2008                  4.24                  Chris Johnson                       2008                  1.40                  Chris Johnson

2009                  4.30                  Darrius Heyward-Bey             2009                  1.40                  Cedric Peerman

225 Bench Press Reps                                              Vertical Jump (No Step Approach)

1999                  51                    Justin Earnest                        1999                  43.5                  Jay Hinton

2000                  45                  Leif Larsen                              2000                  41.5                  Curtis Keaton

2001                  37                  Roberto Garza                         2001                  45                  Chris Chambers

2002                  36                  Scott Peters                             2002                  42                  William Green

2003                  38                   Tony Pashos                          2003                  42.5                  Nate Burleson

2004                  42                  Isaac Sopoaga                        2004                   41.5                  Bob Sanders

2005                  43                  Scott Young                             2005                  46                  Gerald Sensabaugh

2006                  45                  Mike Kudla                              2006                  42                  Vernon Davis

2007                  42                  Tank Tyler                               2007                  41.5                  Quincy Black

2008                  37                  Vernon Gholston                     2008                  39                  Carl Stewart

2009                  39                  Louis Vasquez                         2009                  45                  Donald Washington

20 yd Shuttle (5-10-5)                                                                      Three Cone Test (L Drill)

1999                  3.79                  Champ Bailey                        1999                  ??                  Unknown

2000                  3.82                  Dante Hall                              2000                  6.45                  Sedrick Curry

2001                  3.73                  Kevin Kasper                         2001                  6.56                  Kevin Casper

2002                  3.76                  Deion Branch                         2002                  6.50                  Jon McGraw

2003                  3.83                  Terence Newman                  2003                  6.72                  Ryan Hoag

2004                  3.78                  Dunta Robinson                     2004                  6.68                  Schweigert, Stuart

2005                  3.84                  Beriault, Rogers                     2005                  6.49                  Carlos Rogers

2006                  3.83                  Jason Allen                            2006                  6.64                  Tye Hill

2007                  3.90                  Sabby Piscitelli                       2007                  6.50                  Leon Hall

2008                  3.96                  Arman Shields                       2008                  6.57                  Harry Douglas

2009                  3.96                  Kevin Barnes                         2009                  6.59                  Malcolm Jenkins

Standing Long Jump

1999                  ??                           Unknown

2000                  10’11”                  Curtis Keaton

2001                  11’02”                  Cedric James, Chris Chambers, Jonathan Carter

2002                  10’10”                  Terreal Bierria, Caldwell Reche

2003                  11’05”                  Justin Fargas

2004                  10’11”                  D J Hackett

2005                  11’05”                  Scott Starks

2006                  11’01”                  Will Blackmon, Pat Watkins

2007                  11’0”                    Daren Stone

2008                  11’04”                 Jerome Simpson

2009                  11’3”                  Donald Washington

The NFL Combine was originally founded as a medical event.  With the advent of keeping athletes for long-term contracts, the franchises wanted each prospect to be given a full physical.  The top prospects were flown to as many as a dozen clubs for medical evaluations.  Imagine getting a full set of X-Rays by 6 – 12 different teams.  The franchises didn’t like the expense and the athletes did not like the health risk.  So, Gene “Duke” Babb founded the NFL Combine, which is run by National Football Scouting.  The first combine was held in 1982 in Tampa.  After moving to New Orleans, then Arizona, the National Invitational Camp was moved to its current home in Indianapolis in 1987.

The Dash

I’ve seen death stare me in my own eyes?  

The way many of you cannot know,

I’ve seen death take others

But still left me here below.

I’ve heard many screams and many cried

But death refused to hear.

And in my life I’ve seen faces

filled with many a tear.

After death has come and gone

the tombstone still left for many to see.

It’s no more than a symbol of a persons memory.

I’ve seen my share of tombstones

But never took the time to truly read.

The meaning what’s behind there for all the others to see.

Under the person’s name

it read the date of birth, dash

and the date the person passed.

The more I think about the tombstone

the only important thing is the dash.

Yes, I see the name of the person

but that I might forget

And I also read the date of birth and death

But even that might not stick.

But thinking about the individual

In fact, I can’t help it but to remember the dash.

Because it represents a person’s life

and that will always last.

So when you begin to chart your life

Make sure you’re on a positive path.

Because people may forget your birth and death

but will never forget your dash.

-Alton Mayden Univ. of Notre Dame Football 1989

Welcome to Coach Robb

Welcome to

I began coaching in high school with elementary age mighty mite football players.  In college I was not athletic enough to play ball, so I coached summer swim team, high school football, YMCA soccer and began my strength and conditioning career in the fall of 1980 as a student coach at Missouri State University.  Since that time I have coached just about every population from emerging elementary athletes to All-Americans, seasoned All –Pros and Olympians in virtually every venue and sport in the performance industry.  From fitness and weight loss to performance with high school, college and professional teams, as well as private industry and into the tactical realm with fire/rescue, SWAT and military Special Forces personnel, my career has afforded me a unique, varied and rich professional experience.

The purpose of this venue is to serve you, the professional of the performance industry.  When starting a career, people tend to be on fire with passion and eager to show the world what they can do.  As people become seasoned with experience, they begin to understand it is about what the team can do.  After years in a field, the people that are still thriving begin to understand that it is time to help others achieve their goals. My goal is to provide my experience and expertise via the internet platform as a classroom for you, the performance professional.

Please join me for the journey as we continue to explore the nuances of performance training, a science that is applied as an art to a variety of students with a plethora of goals, experiences, needs and wants.

Robb Rogers M.Ed., MSCC, CSCS